The Whelping Box!

Fiona/Metuka litter

We have black and red/tan pups available in this litter. 6 males, 4 females. These will make amazing family pets or potential service dog candidates.  Call us for more details at 901-581-3316! Taking deposits now! Ready June 8, 2019. Pics in gallery at the top of the page(Galax-sold, Bach-sold, Rasko, Tibo-sold, Yoshi, Saxon, Terra-sold, Willow, Oxana-sold, Pilar)

Sunny/Xander litter!

We have 2 Females and 3 Males in this black and tan/red litter.  These will be beautiful, outgoing puppies and will be excellent family pets for active families! Ready June 24th. Call 901-581-3316 for more details. Pics in the gallery at the top of the page. (Sylvia, Bonnie, Tony, Gary, Balto)

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