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                                                         Titan is a 3 year old purebred male German Shepherd looking for his forever home. Titan is a sweet dog and a very good boy that loves attention and needs someone to show him the love that he has been lacking in his life. Titan ended up in rescue at no fault of his own. He is a well mannered boy but he could use some brushing up on basic obedience which we are already starting on. He is neutered and up to date on vaccines.

Unfortunately Titan is light positive for heartworms but is currently non-symptomatic. He has been started on slow kill treatment and will have a ProHeart 6 injection before he leaves or will come with 6 months of Heartgard as well as a 30 day supply of Doxycycline to get him well on his way to recovery. His adoption fee is $300 and transport can be arranged for an additional fee.  If his adopters prefer to treat his heartworms with their vet the adoption fee will be reduced accordingly but I very much 

prefer the slow kill method. If you think Titan could be a good fit for your home give us a call at 901-581-3316


Galaxy is a 10+ year old male. We think he was dropped off on our dead end country road from which he wandered up to our family's house next door. They found him curled up on the welcome mat in front of the garage door around 5 am. They were not sure if they should approach him and called us to come check on him. He was cold, alone, and acted like he was scared to move. With the temps approaching the low 20s at night leaving him out there wasn't an option so we decided to bring him home and try to find him a rescue that focused on older dogs. Once I approached him and reached down to pat him on his scabbed over head he lifted his head up to meet me halfway. After a few more tummy rubs he was up on his feet and following me as I talked to him. It wasn't until we were well on our way home(it's a long walk for an old boy) that I realized that he was following my voice and could barely see due to an infection in his eyes that was long over due for treatment just like the scabs and sores all over his body. Galaxy spent 2 weeks in boarding because we never found a rescue to step up for him. We were able to bring him home just in time to spend Christmas with our family. He has been the best boy. As much as I would love to just keep him I know this is not the best option for Galaxy as he would be much better off in a calmer home with less dogs coming and going. Let's just face it, German Shepherd puppies can be a little to rambunctious for the elderly so my wish for Galaxy for the New Year is to find a forever home where he can live out however many days or years he has left without fear of being neglected or dumped. Galaxy has been to see our vet and has been brought up to date on vaccines, deworming, and started on monthly flea and heartworm meds(HW status unknown). He is receiving antibiotics and steroids for a bacterial infection that was causing his eye and skin condition and is currently showing much improvement. Galaxy's vet exam also revealed that he has a retained testicle but we will not be putting him under at his age to neuter and retrieve it so he will remain intact. We feel that is best for him. What we want for Galaxy is a calm indoor home with a fenced yard or someone with the time and willingness to take him out on a leash several times a day.

He appears to love children but I will not send him to a home with babies or toddlers as I feel this would be setting him up for failure. Not only do dogs not need to be climbed on by children but older dogs, like older people, tend to get achy and may snap if a 20-30 pound child climbs on them and causes pain. He doesn't have many teeth left in his old mouth but what he does have could leave a mark. Galaxy will not go to a home with overly rambunctious or aggressive dogs or puppies either. A retired family or someone who is home daily would be ideal and a fireplace for him to warm his old bones is also a major plus! As with any of our dogs if it ever gets to the point that his adopters can not keep him he will ALWAYS be welcome here! He will only go to the best of homes! Don't let his age fool you as this ol boy still has a little spunk left when he gets excited! If you are interested in giving this grand old man what he deserves give me a call at 901-581-3316.